What You Should Expect When Selling Your House

When selling your house, you should expect a range of emotions in addition to the paperwork and costs.

It’s exciting because you are moving to a new home, but there may be some sadness too. Perhaps you’re downsizing because your children have left home, and that makes you blue, or you are a bit anxious about moving to another town for work. This is natural and a part of the process you can work through with the support of family and friends.

When you’re selling a home in West Hartford, CT, there are other considerations to be kept in mind. It’s a legal transaction that requires the assistance of professionals if you wish to make sure it’s conducted properly and with the minimum of stress and costs. At The North Star Realtors, our team has been helping people sell their homes over the years, and we have some things you should be aware of when you sell your residence.

Before you sell your home, you’re going to be looking at costs such as painting, cleaning, and repairs that will make your house more attractive to potential buyers. You might also want to pay for a home inspection to get a good idea of the true condition of your home and its market value.

Once you are successful in selling a home in West Hartford, CT, you will need to pay commissions to your sales agent, closing costs, and various taxes.

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